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Just as your astrological sun and rising signs reveal aspects of your personality, so too do tarot cards determined by numbers in your date of birth.With this guide you can also work out the cards that apply to lovers, friends and family -
a great way to learn something new about them!

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Tarot classes - online and DVDs

You’ll find lots of practical advice on how to finetune your tarot reading skills in my online tarot classes which  cover topics such as doing tarot readings for yourself, linking the cards to make a story, getting the question right and using tarot as a predictive tool. Twice a year I also offer a full course called Live and Learn the Tarot. This comprises nine classes supported by 10 weeks of online activities and mentoring. Click here for all the information on the Global Spiritual Studies website.

Tarot travel with me to Ireland or Scotland!

In 2016 I'm special guest on Gothic Image tours to Ireland in May and Scotland in July. I'll be doing tarot readings and helping you use the tarot to interpret your inner landscape as you travel the magical outer landscape of these countries rich in folklore, fairytales, myth and sacred sites dating back thousands of years.

Gothic Image specialises in small group tours of sacred and spiritual sites in the UK and Ireland under the expert guidance of Jamie George who has been offering these soul journeys through sacred landscapes for over 20 years.

Click here for the full Enchanted Ireland itinerary and here for the details of the Sacred Scotland tour. Visit the Global Spiritual Studies website to find information about all the tours offered in 2016. Watch the videos below to see what awaits you in Ireland, Scotland and south west England!


Linda Marson

Email: linda@tarotjourney.com.au

My story

I've been reading tarot cards since the early 1990s. What started as a pastime quickly turned into a passion. I looked around for other enthusiasts and found them in the Tarot Guild of Australia. I joined the Guild and ended up on the national committee for eight years - four of them as President.

Here I am doing a workshop on reading cards for yourself at the Guild's International Tarot Conference in 2013.

Linda Marson at Tarot Guild of Australian conference in 2013

Outside the tarotsphere, I've worked as a consultant and writer in the field of education and training . In 2005 I turned my hand to writing about my twin passions of tarot and travel, and Ticket, Passport and Tarot Cards was published in late 2005.

Before the manuscript was even finished, I was onto the next stage of the journey - a series of 22 vignettes for community television - one segment for each of the 22 Major Arcana cards. The series won an award for the best personal or spiritual development program on Australian community television in 2006.

Global Spiritual StudiesIn 2011, I launched Global Spiritual Studies, an online hub for learning experiences and products to nourish, inspire and guide you along your spiritual path. The quality of teachers is astounding. With this venture I know I have reached the place where I'm meant to be, for my light comes from providing channels through which others can see and share their light.

Do join me for a reading, for study or pack your bags and come on an enchanted journey with me!

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