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TarotNav – my unique guide to doing Tarot readings for yourself

‘The concept of Tarot as a GPS for Life comes from many years of doing Tarot readings for myself,’ says Linda Marson. ‘These readings have guided me through life-changing events, as well as everyday situations, which could be as fleeting as how to approach a potentially difficult phone conversation. I’ve lost count of the number of road blocks I’ve avoided by following directions from my TarotNav GPS!’

TarotNav is a unique set of video and written resources that are informative, easy to follow and entertaining! The video and document files can be downloaded to your computer or device, or you can receive them stored on a USB flash drive. Click here for more information.

FREE online classes!

Start the New Year with free classes on how to use TarotNav to do readings for yourself. Check in to see how realistic those New Year resolutions are. Where will they lead? What road blocks might you encounter? What’s the most direct route to your destination? See how Linda’s TarotNav GPS can be used to answer these questions and more! Join one of these live classes or opt to watch a recording.

USA Pacific time: 4pm – 5pm, Monday 15 January 2018

Other time zones:

  • USA east coast: 7pm – 8pm, Monday 15 January 2018
  • Sydney, Australia: 11am – midday, Tuesday 16 January 2018

London UK: 10am – 11am, Wednesday 17 January 2018

Other time zones:

  • Sydney, Australia: 9pm – 10pm, Wednesday 17 January 2018
  • Perth, Australia: 6pm – 7pm, Wednesday 17 January 2018
  • Auckland, New Zealand: 11pm – midnight, Wednesday 17 January 2018

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Ready to activate your TarotNav GPS for Life? Click here to register for one of the classes or to watch a recording.