Professional Tarot Reader and Teacher

Imagine how many road blocks you could avoid if you had a GPS to guide you through life.The good news is that it exists! It’s a deck of 78 cards called the Tarot and the time has come for me to share its secrets with you in a new Tarot learning resource called TarotNav.

You can help create this fun, user-friendly guide to TarotNaving through life by pre-purchasing a copy during the crowdfunding campaign running on the Indiegogo website until 28 March.

TarotNav will be a comprehensive guide to reading Tarot for yourself. Available on a USB flash drive, it will contain a unique set of  resources that will be informative, easy to follow and entertaining!

  • Videos for each of the Major Arcana cards and other videos demonstrating a range of layouts you can use to answer questions about relationship, work and family issues. These will cover the remaining 56 cards in the Tarot deck.
  • An e-book with simple meanings for all 78 cards (to complement the videos), layouts and guides to navigating your way through life and a workbook/diary for you to keep track of the questions you ask, the readings you do and the action you take as a result.

If you’re not familiar with Tarot, this is a fun, easy way to see what it’s all about. If you’re already into Tarot, this is a unique package of material well worth adding to your collection.

Click here  for more information and to pre-purchase a copy of TarotNav for $30 AUD – a saving of 25% on the RRP!